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More Labs partners with Wellfare

More Labs, the dietary supplement brand, joins Wellfare as a Better Box Supporter, donating cases of their productivity-boosting Liquid Focus shots to low-income families in need.

More Labs was founded with an ambitious spirit and simple objective: to provide science-backed solutions to real problems. Each one of their products — Morning Recovery, Liquid Focus and Dream Well — is designed to optimize your system, so you can maximize every moment and get more out of life.

Since our inception, we've been delivering more than just nutritious food and drink to families in need. We also include powerful and functional supplements like Wedderspoon vitamin gummies, Four Sigmatic protein powder and Liquid I.V. immunity mixers. More Labs is an incredible addition to our supplement offerings and we look forward to delivering their Liquid Focus shot — a delicious blend of nootropics that help people function at their highest level with no jitters or crash — to our member families and the working-class moms and dads we serve.

"There are no busier people in the world then New Yorkers and we're excited to work with Wellfare to give the people of the Big Apple a boost in focus and energy as they tackle their grind," said Josh Groff, CEO of More Labs. "Liquid Focus helps boost productivity and maximize every day."


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