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Our Work

Learn more about our mission, flagship Better Box program and impact we're delivering to families in need across New York City.

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Since 2020, we've been delivering the goods to communities hungry for change.

The Better Box from Wellfare is the first free food program in the country focused on improving access to convenient nutrition in low-income communities. Each box is filled with over $200 worth of premium, nutritious and convenient packaged groceries like low-sugar beverages, functional bars and high-fiber snacks donated from a growing roster of the best natural food brands. Every month, enrolled households pick up their reserved Better Box from a distribution outpost in the community.

6,650+ people served monthly

$6.77M groceries
delivered to date

112 brands

Last updated: June 2024

Our unique program gives food-insecure families an opportunity to access unaffordable, better-for-you alternatives that drastically curb sugar, salt and fat intake. In communities where generational chronic health conditions are the norm, the Better Box is helping thousands take positive steps toward a more nutritious and sustainable lifestyle. Behind the scenes, our Direct-to-Need model leverages over 2,000 Wellfare volunteers and aligns procurement, warehousing, fulfillment, distribution and customer experience under one umbrella, making the program incredibly efficient, transparent and cost-effective. The Better Box is a dynamic and impactful first step in our long term aim to create true food security across the United States.

"I have diabetes and obesity runs in my family. I wasn't able to afford the Vitamin Waters, KIND bars, all the stuff that was really healthy for me and my kids. Month after month, I look forward to these boxes. And I'm telling you, it takes some time, but you see the effects of eating these healthy products. I see it in myself and I see it in those children."

Rotisha, East Harlem
Member since 2022
"Seeing you guys partner up with the biggest companies in the country, the companies making the best stuff, is exciting. The products and the information that you give out in the box on the health benefits and how to use everything has helped me and has helped my friends and family. Thank you for being here for us."

Tyrone, Bushwick
Member since 2021

Our Mission

                      is on a mission to make nutritious food accessible for all.

If nutritious food were more affordable and available in low-income communities, the health, happiness and good fortune of those communities would fundamentally improve.
Theory of Change

Get Involved

Make a cash contribution to support our work, join volunteer teams in the warehouse and community, or craft an impactful corporate partnership.

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