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MASH partners with Wellfare

MASH, a low-calorie beverage brand from Boylan Bottling, joins Wellfare as a Better for All Partner, committing to quarterly product donations of their refreshing sparkling fruit drinks to low-income families in need.

The entire MASH lineup strikes the perfect balance between soda, seltzer and juice — and is an incredible alternative to high-calorie, high-sugar mainstays ubiquitous in food-insecure communities. We look forward to delivering MASH consistently to our member households across New York City this year and beyond.

"We at the Boylan Bottling Company are thrilled to join forces with Wellfare to bring MASH, our refreshing, low-calorie sparkling fruit drink, to those facing food insecurity," said Chase Slepak, Chief Operating Officer at Boylan Bottling. "This collaboration isn't just a partnership; it's a testament to our dedication to being a stellar corporate citizen, actively contributing to the well-being and quality of life of those in our backyard."


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