Join our circle of monthly donors and help us bring healthy food to those in need.

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$20 helps us bring $300 worth of healthy groceries like chickpea pasta, plant-based milk, protein bars and low-sugar beverages to a family in need, for free.

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$20 helps us bring $300 worth of healthy food to a family in need. Join our circle of monthly donors helping low-income communities thrive.

Together, we can solve food insecurity in our lifetime.

Through December, we've delivered over 2.5 million healthy groceries worth $11,995,079.89 to New Yorkers in need.

Millions of Americans face barriers to accessing healthy food everyday. We're on a mission to change that.


Our first step in the fight against food insecurity is the Wellfare Box Program, a free grocery service for qualifying households in low-income communities.

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The Fight Against Food Insecurity
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Building a new approach to fighting food insecurity

Off the success of the Founders Give campaign — the #1 private relief effort fueling NYC healthcare workers during the pandemic — Founder & CEO Cole Riley knew there was an opportunity to tackle food insecurity with a new lens.