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$10 helps us deliver a box of nutritious and delicious groceries to a family in need. Join our mission today.

Together, we can solve food insecurity in our lifetime.

Through June, we've delivered over 3.73 million nutritious groceries worth $16,355,678 to New Yorkers in need.

The Better Box from Wellfare is the first free food program in the country focused on premium, functional and nutritious packaged groceries. Each Better Box includes over $200 worth of low-sugar, low-salt and low-fat products like plant-based milk, nutrition bars, flavored seltzers and protein-packed pasta donated from Wellfare’s growing roster of brand partners. Alongside the goods are curated flyers with nutrition tips, wellness guides and coupons. Every month, enrolled families pick up their free Better Box from a convenient popup distribution outpost in the community — no long line required.


The Better Box is a more practical, efficient and dignified approach to nourishing food-insecure families, and is the first step in Wellfare’s fight against food insecurity.

Millions of Americans face barriers to accessing nutritious food everyday.

We're on a mission to change that.

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What you're doing in the community, what you're bringing in is so important for us. I love the bars and the drinks. They're helping me feel strong again and I couldn't be more grateful.

Tanya E., member since 2021

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What's New at Wellfare

Keeping you up to date on all things Wellfare including our latest partnerships, work in the community and press coverage.

Read Our 2022 Annual Impact Report

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In our second year as an organization, we truly found our footing with the Better Box program — and delivered more impact than ever. We also hit some incredible milestones including activating a new neighborhood, hosting our first happy hour and partnering with the Brooklyn Nets and KIND Snacks.

Read the full report here:


Get Involved

For those individuals, families and companies driven to support a new approach to nourishing underserved communities, we invite you to join us.

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$10 helps us deliver a box of nutritious and delicious groceries to a family in need.

Join our teams in the warehouse and at distribution outposts across New York.

Donate product, funds or time and align your mission-driven company with Wellfare.

About Us

Building a new approach to fighting food insecurity

Off the success of the Founders Give campaign — the largest private relief effort fueling NYC healthcare workers during the pandemic — Founder & CEO Cole Riley knew there was an opportunity to tackle food insecurity with a new lens.

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