We're delivering to public housing residents in Brooklyn. 

With the right support, we will roll out across NYC.

As of July, we're serving 1,000 households every two weeks.

Cole Riley


For the past several years, Cole has been firmly planted in the food & beverage industry — first as a founder of a yogurt brand, then leading a marketing & creative agency and most recently heading the Founders Give campaign in 2020. He's a graduate of New York University and Brooklyn Law School.

Wellfare is driven by the vision of an incredible team, the energy of our volunteers, our generous brand partners & the expertise of our Board & Advisors. They fuel us on our mission to cultivate a world well nourished.


Eva Kerner


Eva’s always been curious about people & the communities they create. She started wide, studying politics at UC Santa Barbara, Sciences-Po Paris & LSE. As a brand strategist, she narrowed her approach to creating & galvanizing brands’ customer tribes. Today, she’s pairing societies in need of nourishment with simple yet bold solutions.

Our approach allows us to reach the millions of food-insecure families for whom public aid is simply inaccessible.


We're making both giving & getting goods feel better. 

Wellfare is a food pantry fit for the 21st century, getting healthier products more efficiently to people in need.


Over 300 food & bev brands donate their delicious & healthy goods to Wellfare


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Together with these goods, we tuck info on why they're so nourishing right into boxes





We make deliveries every two weeks, directly to qualifying subscribers, for $0/month


Regular check-ins with our subscribers help us track our impact & improve our service


We delivered 2.2 million healthy snacks & drinks to over 100,000 healthcare workers during the peak of the pandemic, becoming the largest private relief effort in the city.

Over those 10 weeks, we watched as the lines at our city's food pantries continued to grow longer. When we learned that 40% of them had to close up shop, we knew we had to act.

We shifted our focus to proactively address the problems we'd encountered. We are building a more sustainable & accessible food pantry capable of meeting the needs of NYC's heart & soul and beyond. 


In 2020, we fueled NYC’s bravest.

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Help us deliver the goods. 
Volunteer with Wellfare today. 

Every other weekend, Wellfare volunteers hit the ground, packing boxes in Long Island City and delivering them directly into the hands of families in need in Brooklyn.

Interested? Hit us up and we'll get you on our weekly volunteer listserv where you can check out upcoming opportunities.


From food to funds, our partners help us fuel more families every single day.

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Fuel Brooklyn families in need. Give Wellfare today. If you give monthly, we'll send you a Wellfare tote, hat or sticker as a token of our appreciation!


Millions can't get to a food pantry.
So we're bringing the pantry to them.

Wellfare is a DTC food nonprofit based in New York City delivering healthy food directly to the doors of those in need.


Over 54 million Americans are food insecure, lacking reliable access to nourishing food.

Last year, food pantries served 37 million of them.

Unfortunately, for millions who are elderly, disabled, don't own a car or work multiple jobs, traditional food pantries are simply out of reach.


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