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Wellfare launches Fundraise for Wellfare platform

Since 2021, countless volunteers, brand partners and Better Box members have approached us looking to fundraise to support our program and mission to create food security. Now, it's easier than ever.

Launched in beta during Giving Tuesday last year, our new Fundraise for Wellfare platform allows anyone to create a personalized campaign, set a goal and rally friends, family and colleagues to donate to get good food to those in need. To get started:

  • Head to the Fundraise for Wellfare page

  • Personalize a campaign with a name, photo and why you're raising

  • Share your campaign with your network

  • Try to hit our various Impact Tiers and unlock merch rewards and recognition on our website.

Fundraise for Wellfare is just another way to Get Involved, alongside making a donation, volunteering and partnering. We're so excited to unlock this platform and can't wait to see how much you can raise!


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