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Tommy Kelly joins the Wellfare Advisory Board

An illustration of Tommy Kelly

Tommy Kelly, the co-founder of Sound, joins the Wellfare Advisory Board where he will advise on brand positioning, program innovation and customer experience.

Tommy is a founder and leader with a passion for positively impacting the health of people, communities and the planet through a better food system. He's the co-founder of Sound, a beverage company on a mission to make it easier and more fun to drink less sugar.

Tommy joins an incredibly diverse and impressive Advisory Board made up of leaders, founders and innovators from across CPG, retail and venture. Tommy's experience will be critical for Wellfare as we continue to evolve our Better Box program and look to introduce more innovative products and services to solve food insecurity once and for all.

"The food access ecosystem often leaves a major hole in the needs of food insecure families who don’t have the time to prepare and cook meals, and Wellfare is tackling this critical void – convenient nutrition – head on," said Tommy. "I'm incredibly excited to support Cole and the team at Wellfare, and become a small part of the tremendous work they’re doing."


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