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sweetgreen teams up with Wellfare

A sweet start to the season of plenty — we’re very excited to announce our partnership with sweetgreen, the company redefining fast food in America. So much of the work we do at Wellfare has been inspired by the sweetgreen story, so you could say that this collaboration is the most organic of all.

sweetgreen's salads & bowls show us that fast food doesn't need to be junk food. It can be real food. We couldn't agree more. At Wellfare, we believe the same applies to grab-and-go snacks & drinks. Everyday, new better-for-you alternatives to chips, candies & soda show us that it's possible to eat well throughout the day — not just at lunch.

For every bowl bought on opening day of sweetgreen's newest location in Downtown Brooklyn, sweetgreen will donate a bowl to Wellfare. sweetgreen is bringing healthy to Downtown Brooklyn, we’re helping them bring it to Bushwick. We’ll be distributing all donated bowls in 11206 throughout the fall. Doing good in Brooklyn, one bowl & one box at a time.

sweetgreen joins Wellfare as a Giveback Partner.


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