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Sircle Media team packs Better Boxes for those in need

Last week, our partner Sircle Media brought over 15 employees down to our Wellfare HQ to pack Better Boxes for our member families.

Led by founder Adam Brown, the team picked and packed over $75,000 worth of premium and nutritious groceries. The volunteer project is part of a larger partnership with Wellfare, with Sircle making a financial contribution, donating excess sample product from their studio and delivering a fresh slate of photo assets of our new Better Box pro bono.

"As an agency that works with food and beverage brands, it's not lost on us that not everyone has access to this type of food in their homes," said Adam. "So being able to pack these boxes, get them into homes and get them in front of the people that need it the most really means a lot to us."

Check out some photos from the day:


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