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Siddhi Capital partners with Wellfare

Siddhi Capital, the food and beverage growth equity firm, has partnered with Wellfare, making a generous financial contribution to support the growth of our Better Box program.

Siddhi Capital's mantra is We Invest In Better, We Invest Better. Across their entire portfolio, the firm invests in visionary entrepreneurs and companies dedicated to challenging conventions and reshaping a lasting global food supply chain. Combining the strength of their highly experienced in-house operating team and deep financial expertise, Siddhi Capital accelerates value creation for their partners with the aim of changing the landscape of food and beverage for the better.

As a Corporate Sponsor of Wellfare, Siddhi Capital's financial commitment will help us continue our mission to solve food insecurity and transform the state of grocery and nutrition in low-income communities. In the short term, that means expanding the Better Box program into more communities and reaching more families with premium, nutritious and convenient groceries.

"Since Cole launched, we have been looking for an opportunity to strengthen the essential service that Wellfare is providing to communities that desperately need access to nutritious products," said General Partner and Co-Founder Melissa Facchina. "We firmly believe that regardless of identity, race, place, or class, all folks should have access to and benefit from the power of food, and we are so grateful to partner with Wellfare to make good on this mission."

We look forward to hosting the Siddhi Capital team at our Brooklyn HQ later this year to help pack Better Boxes and strategize around new partnerships and growth plans.


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