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Sanzo teams up with Wellfare

Sanzo, the Asian-inspired sparkling water brand, is joining Wellfare as a Supporter, donating cases of their delicious, no-added sugar drinks for our Better Box program.

Founded by Queens-born Filipino American Sandro Roco, Sanzo has a simple goal: To bridge cultures by connecting people with authentic flavors and celebrating Asian fruits like Lychee, Calamansi, Mango and Yuzu with Ginger. For the past four years, the brand has skyrocketed in popularity online and in retailers like Whole Foods nationwide. Sanzo has also produced really exciting limited edition flavors in partnership with The Walt Disney Company during theatrical runs for Shang-Chi and Turning Red. Fun!

For Better Box members, Sanzo will be an incredible value-add to the box. The demand for low-to-no sugar drink alternatives in low-income communities is higher than its ever been. Families suffering from generational chronic diseases are desperate to ditch the syrupy mainstays and opt for refreshing, fun, clean-label brands like Sanzo.

"We're grateful to partner with Wellfare as it delivers on its mission to democratize access to nutritious food products," said Sandro. "In founding Sanzo, my desire was to bridge cultures with flavors I felt had too often been adulterated with high amounts of sugar and artificial ingredients. And we're grateful that organizations such as Wellfare are doing the meaningful work to serve the oftentimes underserved."

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