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Oobli gives back with Wellfare

Oobli and Wellfare partnership announcement

Oobli, the groundbreaking snack and beverage brand, is giving back with Wellfare, donating cases of their low-sugar, clean-label chocolates to low-income families in need.

Oobli's products, including decadent chocolates and sweet iced teas, are made with sweet proteins, the first true sugar replacement derived from protein instead of carbohydrate. Sweet proteins have no impact on blood sugar, insulin or the gut microbiome. We're excited for Oobli to join our incredible roster of food and beverage brands that fill our Better Boxes every month — nourishing the community with better-for-you alternatives and helping drive our mission forward.

"We're proud to support Wellfare with indulgent, zero-sacrifice Oobli sweets that taste delicious and are better for our bodies and the planet," said Ali Wing, CEO of Oobli.


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