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Oath Oats partners with Wellfare

Announcement post showing Better Boxes and Oath Oats product

Oath Oats, the oat-powered better-for-you brand, joins Wellfare as a Better Box Supporter, donating cases of their granola and oat bars to low-income families in need.

Founded by Yumna Jawad, followed by millions as @feelgoodfoodie on Instagram, Oath Oats is on a mission to bring health and convenience to homes without asking people to sacrifice their love of delicious food. Their entire delicious lineup of overnight oats, granola and bars make it easy to incorporate the versatile and nutritious oat into the your daily routine.

As a Better Box Supporter, Oath Oats joins an incredible cohort of better-for-you brands committed to getting their products into the hands of families that need them most.

"We chose the name Oath because of the obvious play on words but also to signify our commitment to the community that supports us every day," said Anu Naithani, CEO of Oath Oats. "We're thrilled to partner with Wellfare to further our common mission and live up to our name."


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