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Melissa Duren Conner joins the Wellfare Advisory Board

Melissa Duren Conner, Partner and Managing Director at Jennifer Bett Communications, joins the Wellfare Advisory Board to help grow our brand awareness and amplify our mission.

Melissa is a communications strategist with over 15 years of industry experience working with today’s most exciting brands. In 2014, Melissa joined Jennifer Bett Communications, establishing the company as the leading agency for fast-growing, value-driven consumer brands that are redefining the modern marketplace. Melissa has a particular focus on DEI efforts as JBC works to scale consumer-facing businesses in inclusive, sustainable ways to better service all backgrounds and identities.

Melissa has been a source of knowledge and experience for Wellfare to lean on since our founding. Now, as an official member of the Advisory, we will look to Melissa to further refine our brand positioning, help connect with new reporters and continue spreading the word on our program, ethos and long-term aim to be a transformative force for good.

"I am honored to have been invited to join the Advisory Board for Wellfare and work with Cole," said Melissa. "His contagious passion and unending commitment to the mission is truly inspirational."


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