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Interact Brands supports Wellfare with pro-bono advisory workshops

This past summer, Interact Brands, a leading strategic design studio with offices in Austin and Boulder, hosted a series of pro-bono advisory workshops for our team. These workshops helped us polish our visual branding, language and marketing approach with new member households, volunteers and public supporters.

With a mission as grand as ours — to solve food insecurity and transform the state of grocery and nutrition in low-income communities across the country — it's paramount we properly articulate our vision, how we differentiate from the competition and how people can support our organization. With Interact's pro-bono support, we're more confident than ever in our message and how we can galvanize all of our stakeholders going into 2023 and beyond.

"Interact Brands is excited to partner with Wellfare to break the cycle of food insecurity," said Blake Mitchell, founder of Interact Brands and member of Wellfare's Advisory Board. "Our team strongly supports and will continue to back Wellfare’s mission of improving the happiness, health and good fortune of the communities it serves."

Moving forward, Wellfare will continue to turn to Interact for collaboration and ideation on new projects and campaigns as we expand our program across New York City.


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