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GOOD PLANeT Foods partners with Wellfare

Announcement post featuring GOOD PLANeT Food's logo and Wellfare's logo

GOOD PLANeT Foods, the plant-based cheese brand, has joined Wellfare as a Better Box Supporter, donating cases of their delicious vegan parmesan cheese to low-income families in need. We're excited for them to join our incredible roster of better-for-you natural food brands that fill our Better Boxes every month and help nourish the community.

"We're proud to lead the way with first-ever innovations like our incredibly delicious, healthy and sustainable Olive Oil Cheeses," said David Israel, Founder and CEO of GOOD PLANeT Foods. "We're committed to continue pushing the boundaries of what it means to provide food that's GOOD for people and GOOD for the PLANeT while supporting our communities."


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