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Brooklyn Public Library activates the Bookmobile for Wellfare members

This past weekend, Brooklyn Public Library activated their Bookmobile alongside our popup distribution outpost in Brooklyn, bringing books and resources to our member families and the entire community.

Every year, BPL's Bookmobiles visit schools, shelters, and parks across Brooklyn, focusing on communities where a library isn't accessible or, in the case of Bushwick, where a location is under renovation.

Our member families were able to browse, rent and return books right there outside Moore Street Market where we distribute Better Boxes every month.

Since launching in 2021, Wellfare distribution outposts have served as great locations for companies and organizations to reach underserved communities. Wellfare has hosted New York City Health + Hospitals, Test + Trace, Hospital for Special Surgery and countless local nonprofits offering a variety of valuable programs.

Looking forward, BPL and Wellfare will be working together to schedule more Bookmobile appearances throughout the year in Bushwick and at future distribution sites we plan to activate across the borough.


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