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Banza becomes newest Better for All partner

Collage of Banza box on top of a Better Box; employees from Banza after a volunteer project

Banza, the chickpea-powered food brand, has joined our Better for All partner tier, committing to quarterly product donations of their protein-packed pasta for our Better Box program.

Since Wellfare launched in 2021, Banza has been one of our most generous partners and one of the most beloved brands we deliver to our member households. Their pasta products bring much-needed protein into the low-income communities we serve and our gluten-free members are always overjoyed when they spot Banza's iconic orange packaging in their Better Box.

Now, Banza is taking their support of Wellfare one step further by committing to quarterly product donations and joining our exclusive Better for All cohort. We couldn't be more excited to go deeper with Banza, to continue delivering more good food to those in need as well as organizing team volunteer projects and collaborating on amplifying the partnership on social and IRL.

“Chickpeas, and more broadly beans, are one of the best foods for human health and the environment. Our mission is to inspire people to eat more of them,” said Brian Rudolph, CEO and co-founder of Banza. “Banza is grateful to partner with Wellfare and contribute to its mission of making nutritious food more accessible for families across New York City.”


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