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Aura Bora partners with Wellfare

Aura Bora partners with Wellfare

Aura Bora, the sparkling water brand, has partnered with Wellfare, donating cases of their plant-based drinks featuring herbs, fruits and flowers for our Better Box program.

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Paul and Madeleine Voge, Aura Bora features the most unique array of sparkling waters in the market. With flavors like lavender cucumber, cactus rose and peppermint watermelon, the brand is constantly finding creative combos that spark curiosity and taste great. The entire lineup features real herbs, no citric acid and purified water filtered by reverse osmosis.

For our Better Box members, Aura Bora is going to be quite the delight. Our goal is to not only get great food into peoples hands that need it — but also find ways to swap out the high-sugar, high-salt and high-fat products that are ubiquitous in low-income communities. Fun brands like Aura Bora make that second challenge much easier, especially for kids that are always craving a cold 12 oz. can of something fuzzy. With summer approaching, this partnership couldn't come at a better time.

"We're delighted to partner with Wellfare in making Aura Bora accessible to underserved communities," said Madeleine. "We've tried to be thoughtful in every step of our supply chain by lowering our carbon footprint, purifying our water, and using clean ingredients. Now, this is the most important step of all — getting Aura Bora into the hands of folks in need. We're so grateful to Wellfare for including us in their work to deliver intentional and dignified products to food-insecure communities across New York."


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