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Over 50 million Americans don't have access to nutritious food.

This status quo has trapped generation after generation in cycles of poverty and disease, with no end in sight.

Why? Good food is too expensive.

Families in low-income communities across this country are priced out from nutritious food — forced to turn to deadly fast food chains, junk-filled corner stores and unreliable and undignified food pantries to make ends meet. In today's stark economic reality, things are getting even worse. The results?

Chronic Diseases

Food-insecure households are 5x more likely to develop a chronic disease like diabetes, a heart condition or obesity.

Crippling Debt

Those chronic diseases have families spending 5x more on healthcare costs, doctors visits and prescriptions.

Worse Quality of Life

Poor health and high debt lead to lower rates of work participation, lower rates of high school graduation and lower life expectancy.

Our Theory of Change

If nutritious food were more affordable and available in low-income communities, the health, happiness and good fortune of these communities would drastically improve.

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Wellfare is on a mission to solve food insecurity and transform the state of grocery and nutrition in low-income communities across the country.

Wellfare will develop scalable and sustainable products and services that improve access to nutritious food in low-income communities.

Our Mission

So where do we start?

dfuns 2022-04-25 163251.497.JPG

We start by aligning with the best food companies in the country to streamline donations of nutritious food into low-income communities — with a practical approach to nutrition, an elevated customer experience and a commitment to owning the entire lifecycle from procurement to distribution.

Today, we start with the Better Box.

And tomorrow?

In order to solve food insecurity, we'll need to reimagine how food is procured and sold in low-income communities.

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