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Delivering the best of better-for-you to families in need, for free

Our grocery subscription service delivers donated, nutritious and delicious groceries like plant-based milk, protein bars, chickpea pasta and low-sugar beverages to families in need, for free.

A practical approach to nourishing communities

Where other nonprofits typically focus exclusively on produce and dairy, we deliver nutritious alternatives to what families are already consuming on a daily basis: grab-and-go snacks, beverages and pantry goods. 

Over the past decade, we have seen an explosion of innovative brands making sodas less sweet, bars less fatty and chips less salty. These premium products give affluent customers the ability to enjoy nutrition on-the-go.

But in low-income communities, high-sugar, high-salt and high-fat options are still ubiquitous at every corner store and low-cost grocer.

Our unique focus on delivering better-for-you alternatives not only nourishes families that need food now — but helps them avoid the ultra-processed junk that's been crippling them for generations.

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Our Box

So how does it work?


We partner with food and beverage brands, distributors and retailers to procure in-kind donations of shelf-stable products like snacks, beverages and pantry goods. Product partners donate a combination of market-ready, liquidated and close-to-expiration inventory to our warehouse.

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Packing & Distribution

Every month, volunteers descend on our warehouse to sort donations and pack Better Boxes for upcoming distributions. Throughout the month, we distribute boxes to our member households from popup outposts directly in the community.

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Our Customer

Our service is available to food-insecure households in qualifying NYCHA public housing developments. We market our service with posters in lobbies, street canvassing and rely on incredible word of mouth. Qualifying households can sign up by calling our toll free number, signing up online or stopping by an outpost.


East Harlem


Get Involved

For those individuals, families and companies driven to support a new approach to nourishing underserved communities, we invite you to join us.

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$10 helps us deliver a box of nutritious and delicious groceries to a family in need.

Join our teams in the warehouse and at distribution outposts across New York.

Donate product, funds or time and align your mission-driven company with Wellfare.

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