We launched in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a food desert and one of the largest public housing districts in New York City.

In Bushwick, for every one grocery store, there are 31 junk-filled corner stores (aka bodegas). In bodegas across the neighborhood, almost all the food products available for sale are excessively high in sugar, salt and fat — major contributors to chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease that are so prevalent in low-income communities across the country.

Where do we deliver?

The Wellfare Box Program is a free grocery service for food insecure households in low-income communities.

Every two weeks, Wellfare delivers a box filled with $150 worth of donated healthy groceries like chickpea pasta, plant-based milk, protein bars and low-sugar beverages to our members' doorsteps or a Wellfare Outpost for pickup. Included in each box is educational material with product information, wellness tips and more.

What is the Wellfare Box Program?

About the Service

Our service is available exclusively to families living in New York City public housing and/or enrolled in SNAP food stamps.

Interested households either discover us via posters placed in public housing lobbies, community events or word-of-mouth — and can signup online, by calling our toll-free number (888) 574-9355 or visiting a Wellfare Outpost.

Who do we deliver to?


We rely on a mighty army of Wellfare volunteers to help pack boxes in our warehouse, deliver boxes direct-to-door and man our distribution Outposts every Saturday.

During shifts, volunteers also serve as brand ambassadors and help sign up new interested households on the spot.

How do we pull it off?

Bringing healthy groceries directly to families in need

We're partnered with the country's leading mission-driven food and beverage brands to source donated healthy groceries. We then pack and distribute boxes directly to our member households.


Dorothy H., Bushwick Houses

“No matter how much time I spend shopping for good food, everything I see in aisles is unhealthy. Everything in the [Wellfare] box is organic and good for me. My kids are grabbing snacks out of the box saying, ‘Mommy, I don’t know what this is but it tastes just like what we get in the store!' My secret is, it’s healthier!” 

Hattie D., Borinquen Plaza

“I don’t want my grandkids eating junk food. With Wellfare, my kids are finally learning that healthy doesn’t mean bitter. As for me, I’ve got diabetes, so I usually can’t drink most of the drinks I see in stores. But Wellfare brings delicious seltzers and teas so I can be good, too!”

Kay A., Bushwick Houses

“I usually go to the store about 5-6x month looking for bargains. Eating healthier is usually so much more expensive. Wellfare brings the best healthy snacks to my door. And it’s free. So my daughter and I get to try a bunch of new stuff. Now, I just have to find where I can get them on sale!” 

What do our members say?

Join our circle of monthly donors and help us bring healthy food to those in need.

Get Involved

Some other ways to help support Wellfare

$20 helps us bring $300 worth of healthy groceries like chickpea pasta, plant-based milk, protein bars and low-sugar beverages to a family in need, for free.