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MadeGood partners with Wellfare

MadeGood, the organic and allergen-free snack brand, joins Wellfare as a Better Box Supporter, donating cases of their delicious bars and bites for low-income families in need.

MadeGood's entire lineup of granola bars, crackers, soft and crunchy cookies and oat bites are free of the top 8 most common allergens. They have a dedicated nut-free facility and source pure, uncontaminated, organic and certified gluten-free oats grown by Canadian farmers in the Prairies. A better-for-you snack brand everyone in the household can enjoy.

For our Better Box members, clean-label options from brands like MadeGood are an incredible addition to the monthly program — especially for parents navigating ingredients lists to make sure their kids don't trigger an allergy. We look forward to building a long and impactful partnership as we grow our program to reach more families in need.

"We’re truly grateful to find expert partners in Wellfare who can help us realize our purpose of inspiring a healthier, more compassionate world," said Taylor Stanley, Impact Strategy Manager at Riverside Natural Foods.


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