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Fundraise for Wellfare

Click Create Campaign below. You'll first set up an account with Give Lively, our secure donation platform.

Want to support Wellfare, our Better Box program and our mission to solve food insecurity? Launch a fundraising campaign and rally support from your friends, family and network!

Customize your campaign with a profile photo, a note on why you're raising and a campaign goal. If you'd like to add a Hero Image, you can use this one.

Start fundraising! Blast out your campaign page to as many people as you can over social, SMS and email.

Impact Tiers

How It Works

Raise $1,000+

Receive tote

Depending on how much you raise over a 12-month period, you'll receive certain perks and recognition on our website.

Raise $2,500+

Receive tote and shirt

Raise $5,000+

Receive tote, shirt and sweater

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